Bernhardt Design table inspired by UFOs.
Everly. Photography courtesy of Bernhardt Design.

Bernhardt Design Introduces Tables by Phat Design Partly Inspired by UFOs

Bernhardt Design introduces the Mix grouping of tables by Phat Design founders Christian Cowper and Claudia Surrage, both just 22 years old. “Jerry asked us to explore every type of occasional table we could imagine, which turned into a sketchbook of over 50 ideas, and from those we selected our seven favorites,” Cowper recalls of early discussions with Bernhardt president and creative director Jerry Helling. Materials range from brass, stainless steel, and graphite to quartz and wood, and inspiration stems from such disparate entities as the Rotring 600 mechanical pencil, UFOs, and industrial cooling towers. Phat’s own existing Gang bench morphed into bevel-legged tripod Everly, while elliptical elements inform the base of Marlowe. With 121 variations of the seven models, there is truly something for everyone—and everywhere.

Two designers pose amongst a variety of round tables.
“We combined thick, thin, light, dense, and architectural.” Photography courtesy of Bernhardt Design.
The Marlowe table, which has a white round top and three, thick brass legs is pictured against a black background.
Marlowe. Photography courtesy of Bernhardt Design.
Three tri-legged tables. Blue, orange and yellow.
Everly. Photography courtesy of Bernhardt Design.