December 18, 2020

Bilevel Planter from Etc. Divides While Providing Ample Foliage

Take it outside—or keep it indoors, if you must—with a jaunty planter series from the Kimball International offshoot and National Office Furniture sister brand Etc. Dubbed Vernita,
a nod to its proliferation of greenery, the bilevel unit doubles the available square footage for foliage (or provides an area above or below for storage) while delineating space. Divide a patio into socially-distanced areas, create zones for various activities such as eating and sunbathing, or make a border along property lines. The planters measure 10 by 24 inches and come in three heights up to 35 1/4. Add drain holes in the black powder-coated steel container for outdoor use.


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