August 12, 2020

Brentano’s Traveler Collection is the Brand’s First Foray into Neon

Machu, part of Brentano's Traveler collection
Machu is part of Brentano’s Traveler collection.

Drawing inspiration from her team’s avid globetrotting, Brentano founder and design director Iris Wang has launched the Traveler collection, a 15-fabric portfolio that embodies the sense of adventure evoked by distant destinations—not least, the Peruvian Andes, which are celebrated in Machu, the company’s first foray into neon. As vivid as an Inca sunrise, the reversible wool-polyester upholstery felt comes in four fully saturated fluorescent colors—pink, orange, yellow, and green—that will give an energizing charge to any contemporary space. With an 85,000 Wyzenbeek double-rub rating, the 58-inch-wide fabric is as tough as it is spirited, and pairs perfectly with its sibling, Picchu, a dark-gray felted ground embroidered with a geometric pattern in the same neon palette. Another peak in the collection is the cotton-nylon Olympia, which superimposes a honeycomb motif over a wavy organic pattern resembling malachite—the name, not coincidentally, of the sultry green colorway shown.

Machu by Brentano in pink, orange, yellow, and green
Machu comes in pink, orange, yellow, and green.
Iris Wang and the cotton-nylon Olympia in green
Iris Wang and the cotton-nylon Olympia in green. Photography by LauraJane Photography.

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