Lighting by Ted Bradley Studio

Bright Ideas from Emerging Lighting Designers

These emerging designers are blurring the line between art and design.


From the innovative U.S. manufacturer that 3D prints affordable lighting from plant-based materials comes Arintzea, a collection by Muka Design Lab cofounders Laxmi Nazabal and Lucas Abajo inspired by the art deco and Basque architecture of their native northern Spain. The table lamp’s dome diffuser sits off-center on its polymer base, embellished with horizontal linework—a Muka signature; the sconce boasts similar grooves and handily installs with a single screw. Both are around 10 inches tall.

Arintzea Lighting.
Arintzea. Photography by Ariane Roz.
Arintzea Lighting.
Arintzea. Photography by Ariane Roz.
  • Lucas Abajo.
    Lucas Abajo.
  • Laxmi Nazabal
    Laxmi Nazabal.

Ted Bradley Studio

In 2019, Ted Bradley quit his job as a product manager at Google to pursue his dream of being a ceramics sculptor. Now, in his Boulder, Colorado, studio, he designs and fabricates pendant fixtures featuring porcelain rings inlaid with dimmable LEDs. Each circle takes over 300 steps to produce. We are especially partial to his Swag series, which dangles multiple circles from braided metal cords.

Ted Bradley with his Swag series. Photography by Benjamin Buren.
Swag lighting by Ted Bradley Studio
Swag series.