Cristina Celestino’s Latest Tile Collection Evokes Memories of Summers on the Sea

From design star Cristina Celestino in collaboration with Ceramiche Giovanni De Maio comes Abaco Celeste, an atmos-pheric collection of glazed floor and wall tiles based on memories of summers sul mare, or on the sea. The Mediterranean is all over the five SKUs in the collection, from the tidal patterns to the terra-cotta and azure hues. Thalassa is decorated with seashells and fossils on a rippled blue ground. Amalfi gardens and Hellenistic motifs inspired the decorative borders that edge monotone Chloris. Helios looks just like wet sand ribbed by an ebbing tide, while the almost op art look of the spiraling blooms of Graphè evokes perpetual movement. Finally, Peplo’s clean stripes laced by a counter-directional ribbon border pairs with all offerings.

Cristina Celestino
Cristina Celestino.
Thalassa tiles
Graphè and Helios tiles
Graphè and Helios.
peplo tiles

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