a kitchen island composed of freestanding elements

Dedalèo Cofounders Reimagine the Kitchen With Tubular-Steel Modules

Ntaiana Charalampous, Antonia Stylianou, and Nayia Vasileiadou are the female cofounders of Dedalèo, the young Cypriot studio that recently took Milan’s Isola Design District by storm. Their Ilo+Milo reimagines the kitchen as modernist tubular-steel modules that, like furniture, can be re-arranged and added to at any given time. U- or L-shape or galley configurations are all within reach, but the core of the system revolves around an island composed of seven freestanding elements, including semicircular tables at either end that can be moved to form a round freestanding table (so clever!). Fronts are made of plain, perforated, or corrugated steel or aluminum sheets that can be replaced and recycled with ease. The countertop, which is removable, can be specified as a stainless-steel sheet or a slab of gray terrazzo flecked with scrap aluminum, glass, and marble.

a free standing blue and grey sink
a collection of freestanding blue and grey pieces combines to make a kitchen island
a kitchen island composed of freestanding elements

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