April 13, 2021

Designer Rugs Partners With Dinosaur Designs Founders on Hand-Knotted Collection

Crowded Room. Photography by Anson Smart.

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy may be best known for Dinosaur Designs, their popular resin jewelry and home-accessories brand. But the two are also exhibited artists; their works are in the permanent collections of galleries across their native Australia—Olsen paints abstractions from nature and Ormandy sculpts and paints organic geometries drawn from the subconscious, “developing chroma relationships that hug or repel,” he notes. Now, partnering with fellow Aussie company Designer Rugs, they’ve transferred some of them into a self-titled collection of six hand-knotted rugs measuring 94.5 inches wide by 118 long. Olsen contributes Dream Garden, Seed Pod, and Springtime, rife with splashes and daubs in Tibetan wool and silk; Ormandy offers up sinuous multicolored forms in Crowded Room, Flamingo, and Twilight, all in Tibetan wool.

“It’s interesting to see how our art transposes onto it, shedding new light on each piece,” Ormandy shares, pictured here with Olsen. Photography by Anson Smart.
Flamingo. Photography by Anson Smart.
Twilight. Photography by Anson Smart.
Dream Garden. Photography by Anson Smart.

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