November 15, 2019

Designers Explore Rippled Effects in Tables, Lamps, and Chairs

Wavelike forms are washing up everywhere, from furniture to fixtures.

Robert Sukrachand’s Coved Torus table. Photography courtesy of Sukrachand.

Encouraging a tactile escape from the ever more digital world, Robert Sukrachand’s Coved Torus table boasts a scalloped ash stave base bisected by smooth bronze glass. The structure references classical architectural columns as well as the less, ahem, authentic iterations found today: “I was inspired by the faux Doric columns that often line the porches of suburban houses and wanted to bring those graphic elements to life in a refined piece of furniture,” the New York designer/woodworker says. The resulting design is like a fidget spinner for the sofa set. Scroll down for more wavy, fluted forms. 

Photography courtesy of Patrick Cain Designs.

Cloud coffee table in concrete and recycled styrofoam with smoked-glass top by Patrick Cain Designs

Photography courtesy of Stacey Mark.

Medium Wave barrette in gold-plated stainless steel by Preview Wear

Photography courtesy of Steven Haulenbeek.

RBS #2 lamp in resin-bonded sand with glass shade by Steven Haulenbeek.  

Photography courtesy of Miniforms.

Yonoh Estudio Creativo’s Kolos tables in glazed ceramic by Miniforms.

Photography courtesy of Pulpo.

Lorenzo Zanovello’s Chouchou glazed ceramic stool in marble white by Pulpo

Photography courtesy of Art Thorose.

Tubular 7M chair in steel and rubber by Ara Thorose

Photography courtesy of Phase Design.

Forum side and coffee tables in reinforced concrete by Phase Design

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