June 4, 2019

Designtex Interweaves Past and Present in Bauhaus Project Fabrics

Like other women drawn to the Bauhaus, Gunta Stölzl and Anni Albers were frustrated by being restricted to “feminine” disciplines such as weaving. But once at the loom, the pair amassed product portfolios to rival any of their male contemporaries. Now, as the legendary design school marks its centennial, Designtex gives Stölzl and Albers their due.

Anni Albers. Photography by Dean Kaufman. 

Conceived by president Susan Lyons and creative director Catherine Stowell in collaboration with the pioneers’ estates, the Bauhaus Project faithfully recreates vintage patterns while adapting them to the requirements of contract interiors. “We wanted to explore their lexicon and contributions to the contemporary textile canon,” Lyons says. Wall covering Black Red Yellow and fabrics like Jacquard I and II replicate the straightforward geometries of Albers’s original wall hangings. Textural graphics dominate Stölzl’s fabrics: Double Weave, Geometric II, Circle Jacquard, Large Scale Geometric, and tweedy Woven Texture.

Gunta Stölzl. Photography by Dean Kaufman.
Jacquard I. 
Jacquard II. 
Geometric II. 
Double Weave. 
Woven Texture. 
Circle Jacquard. 

Large Scale Geometric. 

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