featherlike structures by Opt Industries.
Opt Industries.

Dr. Andrew Dent Offers Insights on Materials That Matter

Dr. Andrew Dent, executive vice president of Material Bank and Material Connexion, details the matters that will matter.

Inifinited Fiber

Composition: Cellulosic viscose yarns from paper waste.

Cottonlike textiles offer the processability of synthetic yarns with the renewable raw materials and the great hand of a natural. This version uses cleaner chemistry and does not deplete our wood resources, using both pre- and post-consumer recycled paper instead.

Hands holding orange fabric made with 100% Infinna.
Infinited Fiber.

Opt Industries

Composition: Customer’s own material.

The digital manufacturing system can make featherlike structures to order on flexible, fabriclike surfaces by taking 3-D printing to the next level of complexity and versatility, creating large-format fabrics, furs, feathers, and foams on a micro scale.

featherlike structures by Opt Industries.
Opt Industries.

NORR from OSM Shield

Composition: Fluoropolymer-free coating.

Offering stain and water resistance while still enabling good breathability, this PFOA-free, PFOS-free coating for fabrics is part of a next generation of clean chemistry protection.

NORR from OSM Shield.
NORR from OSM Shield.

Conturax Tough from Schott

Composition: Borosilicate glass with a polymer inner coating.

Strong, structural, and with a toughening inner coating that allows it to
withstand Semtex explosives, these crystal-clear profiles are challenging our ideas of what’s possible in glass.

Conturax Tough from Schott
Conturax Tough from Schott.

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