Ethan Cook walks past his work for Hay

Ethan Cook Applies His Minimalist, Abstract Style to Rugs for Hay

Ethan Cook is an artist who weaves his own canvases, working colored cotton on a floor loom in his Brooklyn, New York, studio until it becomes fabric. He then cuts the handwoven textile into blocks that he pieces together into compositions: minimalist abstract “paintings” as taut and precise as, say, any Ellsworth Kelly or other modern-art master. For Danish brand Hay, Cook transplants his ideas exploring the flatness and physicality of canvases to rugs fabricated in a blend of New Zealand wool and organic cotton. “I’ve never made anything with utility before,” Cook notes of the rugs, dubbed Flat Works, which come in multiple colors and sizes, including runners.

Ethan Cook working on designs for Hay
fabric swatches from Ethan Cook's work for Hay
Ethan Cook walks past his work for Hay

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