July 30, 2021

Eton and Sëbou Transform Upcycled Fabric into Handmade Rugs

A colorful rug with black tassels
Photography by Elin Jenjila Franzén.

Fashion and interiors collaborate yet again. Eton, a Swedish maker of stylish men’s shirts, and Scandi-Moroccan textile company Sëbou are upcycling rolls of sample fabrics used in the development of Eton clothing into the Eton x Sëbou col­lec­tion of handmade rugs. Each roll consists of over 1,000 color and pattern com­bi­nations that are shredded into long fabric pieces and hand-knotted in Morocco to form unique rugs. Sëbou already purchases scrap fabric in bulk from Ghana, Morocco, and Sweden for its existing Cherouitte line. “Our focus has always been to make one-of-a-kind, timeless pieces from recycled materials,” Sëbou creative director Omar Marhri says. Now, Eton has a hand in sustainability, too.

A Closer Look at the Eton x Sëbou Col­lec­tion of Handmade Rugs

A person holding a rug made of upcycled textiles in a grass field
Photography by Elin Jenjila Franzén.
A man in a colorful button-down shirt and jeans sits on an upcycled rug
“I started Sëbou trying to challenge what has been, mixing old with new, Swedish with Moroccan,” Marhri, pictured here, shares. Photography by Elin Jenjila Franzén.
Photography by Elin Jenjila Franzén.

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