multiple colored tables in a room
Photography courtesy of Martin Brattrud.

8 Furnishings Bound to Brighten Any Space

From a book tower in pigmented plaster to a birch-plywood stool in a beautiful blue, explore these pieces that come in every shade of the color wheel.

Discover Multi-Faceted Pieces In An Array Of Colors

1. Semiton Storage Unit

cabinet with green, yellow and blue sections
Photography courtesy of Arper.

Garcia Cumini’s Semiton storage unit in powder-coated aluminum and lacquered MDF or FSC-certified wood by Arper.

2. KGT Wall Unit

three tier green cabinets
Photography courtesy of Util.

Studio CP-RV’s KGT wall unit in powder-coated aluminum by Util.

3. Riva Birch-Plywood Stool

table with black tabletop and blue legs
Photography courtesy of House of RoRo.

Riva naturally dyed birch-plywood stool in Goodnight Blue by House of RoRo.

4. Undique Mas Tables and MDF

multiple colored tables against a lavender backdrop
Photography courtesy of Kartell.

Patricia Urquiola’s Undique Mas side and low tables in lacquered beech and MDF by Kartell.

5. Visible M Glass Display Cabinet

glass display cabinet with marble bottom
Photography courtesy of Alinea Design Objects.

Visibile M glass display cabinet with anodized-aluminum frame and marble bottom by Alinea Design Objects.

6. Babel Book Tower

green book tower that's shaped like a stone
Photography courtesy of Hartis.

Crina Arghirescu Rogard’s Babel book tower in pigmented plaster by Hartis.

7. POI Table Console

red table console with powder-coated steel and polished-marble top
Photography courtesy of Victor Foxtrot.

Florian Vogel’s POI table console in powder-coated steel with polished-marble top by Victor Foxtrot.

8. Azusa Table Collection

multiple colored tables in a room
Photography courtesy of Martin Brattrud.

Alyssa Coletti’s Azusa table collection in powder-coated aluminum with tops of stone, quartz, solid-surface, or solid ash or walnut by Martin Brattrud.

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