March 3, 2020


Atmospheric projections of modern technology.

1. Nicci Green’s Ovolo pendant in Murano glass and brass by Articolo.

2. Josh Neretin’s Della sconce in quartz by Buoyant NYC.

3. Omer Arbel’s 73V pendants in molten glass and heat-resistant fabric by Bocci through DDC.

4. Jordi Vilardell’s Puck wall art in aluminum with lacquer or felt accents by Vibia.

5. Judith Stockman and Diana Rios’s Tribeca Park socket-free hanging light with 10-watt AC LED engine and alabaster shade by Urban Archaeology.

6. Ferréol Babin’s Magma table light with acid-etched handblown-glass shade and lava-glazed ceramic base by Pulpo through Property.

7. Rinkle pendant in hand-formed patterned acrylic with LED edge strip by ET2 Lighting.

8. Marta Perla’s Siro LED table lamps in aluminum by Oluce.

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