multiple nature inspired wallpapers
Photography courtesy of CF Stinson.

Beyond Blue: Explore Innovative Textiles For Interiors

Got the blues? From floral paisley wallpaper to nylon-polyester fabrics, these textiles in azure hues will perk anyone up!

See The Trending Blue Textile Fabrics Redefining Style

1. Mitchell Wave Cotton-Linen Fabric

blue wave fabric
Photography courtesy of Fabricut.

Kendall Wilkinson’s Mitchell Wave cotton-linen fabric in Sapphire Forest by Fabricut.

2. Moonflower Polyester-Polyolefin Wallpapers

wallpapers in different shades of blue
Photography courtesy of Innovations.

Moonflower polyester-polyolefin wallpapers in Primrose, Hydrangea, and Gardenia by Innovations

3. Natural Attraction Vinyl Upholstery

multiple nature inspired wallpapers
Photography courtesy of CF Stinson.

Natural Attraction phthalate-free vinyl upholstery in Pebble Trail by CF Stinson.

4. Twist On A Classic Fabrics

bunch of fabrics all piled up together
Photography courtesy of Luum Textiles.

Suzanne Tick’s Twist on a Classic in Hyped Up, Herringbone Hybrid, Sgraffito, Wooly Wooly, Demi Boucle, and Afterimage, all polyester-blend fabrics by Luum Textiles.

5. Garden Walk Linen-Cotton Fabric

stool with flowery garden fabric in blue
Photography courtesy of Lee Jofa.

Garden Walk linen-cotton fabric in Taplow by Lee Jofa.

6. Floral Paisley Wallpaper

floral paisley wallpaper
Photography courtesy of Stout Textiles.

Kirsten Leigh’s Floral Paisley wallpaper in Harbor by Stout Textiles

7. Spring Thicket Wallpaper

chair with blue spring flowery wallpaper and fabric
Photography courtesy of Morris & Co.

Spring Thicket wallpaper in indigo/lilac by Morris & Co.

8. Vertex Nylon-Polyester Fabrics

two ottomans covered in geometric fabric
Photography courtesy of Designtex.

Vertex nylon-polyester fabrics in Arboretum and Sky by Designtex.

9. Condesa Belgian Linen-Grass Outdoor Fabric

geometric patterned textile
Photography courtesy of Serena Dugan.

Condesa Belgian linen–grass cloth blend outdoor fabric in azure by Serena Dugan.

10. Fusion Polyester-Backed Silicone Fabric

blue fabric with water droplets
Photography courtesy of Nassimi.

Fusion polyester-backed SiO performance-grade silicone fabric in River by Nassimi.  

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