November 1, 2020

Jaume Ramírez Deconstructs the Lamp for Latest Marset Collection

“The cylinder creates an impeccable spot of light. But the screen creates an area of light in a very ‘premeditated’ way,” says Ramírez about the versatility of the Milana collection. “Consequently, the object is no longer just a cylinder and a screen.” Photography courtesy of Marset. 

“A lamp emphasizes the human condition,” asserts Spanish designer Jaume Ramírez. “In our designs, the direct relationship between the object and the person is paramount” he adds, referencing his recent collaboration with European-based lighting company Marset. For Ramírez’s second Marset collection he focused on creating a minimalist design that spotlights a moveable point of light.

Streams of light illuminate the unique contours of each pendant.  Photography courtesy of Marset. 

The Milana collection is comprised of modular pendant lamps that embody the idea of fluid movement, enabling designers to create various lighting compositions of size and color. Ramírez began his design by deconstructing the archetype of a lamp, synthesizing it as much as possible into its constituent parts, until only a cylindrical body—suspended with an integrated LED—remained. “A light is made for the user,” he says, “we take usability as a design exercise, and consider it from a poetic and magical perspective.”

Five subtle and muted finishes round out the collection: white, black, grey, beige, and red. Photography courtesy of Marset.

To diffuse the Milana’s warm , dimmable LED light within a room, Ramírez created two sizes of accompanying conical shades. Additionally, he engineered a unique counterweight system that allows the lamp to be height-adjusted or moved side-to-side with a gentle nudge. Deceptively simple, Milana allows designers and users alike to create a symphony of light through countless compositions such as backlighting a room’s furniture or shining a spotlight on the dinner table. 

A barely perceptible lens can be focused downward or, through use of the shades, to control the stream of light. Photography courtesy of Marset. 

“Having a lamp in a familiar space, with small variations, creates an object that is more than the sum of its parts—it is no longer just a simple cylinder and a screen, it is now part of you environment” explains Ramírez. “The Milana can be a very simple object, when treated as only a single point of light—but you can also make combinations that expand an entire room.”

With a much lower wattage draw than an equivalent incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen lights, Milana is also a sustainable choice for its long-lasting LED plates. Photography courtesy of Marset.

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