May 20, 2021

Jorge Diego Etienne Unveils Galeana Alabaster Collection of Sculptural Objects

From left to right, the objects are named: Florero Tubo, Tazon Ancho, Florero Bola, Tazon Portavelas, and Tazon Alto. Photography by Alejandro Cartagena.

One of the world’s best alabaster deposits can be found in Galeana, a city in the Mexican state of Nuevo León, at an altitude of over a mile above sea level. Here, it’s extracted directly from the earth, preserving its luminous milky white color and velvety texture. It is those qualities that led Jorge Diego Etienne to the stone for his latest collection, Galeana, named after its source of origin. Etienne designed six deconstructed vases, bowls, and stools using digital modeling and 3D printing techniques, then passed them on to master craftsman Francisco Charles for interpretation. Charles, who has been sculpting in alabaster for over five decades, brought the pieces to life by hand using little more than a pencil, chisel, and sandpaper. 

“The pieces examine the context and origins of alabaster,” Charles shares. Photography by Alejandro Cartagena.
Francisco Charles and Jorge Diego Etienne. Photography by Alejandro Cartagena.

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