August 24, 2020

Kelly Behun Designs Piatro Outdoor Line for The Invisible Collection

Piatro Lounge.

Italian designer Carlo Bugatti, Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx. The influence of the works by that international trio permeates Kelly Behun’s new outdoor line, Piatro, for The Invisible Collection, the tony furniture brand founded by Isabelle Dubern-Mallevays and Anna Zaoui. Behun was inspired by the high-tech advances in outdoor fabrics to elevate furniture in the same category to heirloom status. Her After Burle table in ceramic mosaic riffs on its namesake’s black-and-white Copacabana boardwalks in Rio de Janeiro. Also mosaic, but in customizable combinations of marble and other stone, are two dining tables: one Gaudí-esque in vibrant blue, black, and white that began life as a custom piece for a client, and another featuring an abstract portrait originally made for Barneys New York. Finally, a lounge set predominately in African mahogany, bleached to look gently weathered, references Bugatti’s carved, tasseled seating. “His work is earthy, organic, rich, and layered,” Behun notes. The same could be said of hers.

The Piatro collection.
Piatro Mosaic table.
After Burle table.
Piatro Mosaic Dining table.

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