August 28, 2020

Latest Collection from Juju Papers is Painterly yet Geometric

Mixed Signals by Juju Papers.

Portland, Oregon, studio Juju Papers founder, artist Avery Thatcher, gives painterly strokes and hand-cut silhouettes an underlying geometric order in Openwork, her latest wallpaper collection. “I looked to the grid as both inspiration and tool,” says the designer, who overlaid the matrix with irregular shapes to produce three complementary patterns: Natural Gifts, a loose-limned lattice in brilliant hues; Dimes, lively rows of coin-size dots on a solid ground; and Mixed Signals, a balanced arrangement of positive and negative figures cut from graph paper. Available in nine colorways, as well as custom colors, the wallpapers are offered in two material types: 27-inch-wide, clay-coated paper for residential use; and 54-inch-wide nonwoven vinyl, Mylar, or Terralon for commercial applications.

Natural Gifts by Juju Papers.
Dimes by Juju Papers.

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