July 13, 2021

Lucifero Teams Up with Mario Cucinella Design for a Tiny Spotlight

The Italian lighting manufacturer Lucifero’s teams up with Mario Cucinella Design for Iride, a tiny spotlight modeled after a lens, both in the human eye and in a camera. “It’s the result of and named after our study on the eye, our natural camera,” Mario Cucinella explains, “in which the iris, like a camera diaphragm, has the function of regulating the amount of in­going light.” Iride’s die-cast aluminum body, its profile reminiscent of a camera’s focus ring and adjustment dial, is available in a range of bright colors. “We liked the idea that the spotlight didn’t have to be just a gray or white object,” Cucinella continues. Suited for indoors or out, the fixture is available with its circular base surface-mounted, allowing it to rotate any which way, or on tracks (the latter in black or white only). Anti-glare filters and chrome, black, or bronze snoots enrich and enhance the engineering.

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