a glass sculpture on a light pink and orange ombre background

Material Innovation At Its Best: Explore Design Standouts

Edgy pieces crafted with heart by global makers working in design-centric locales, from Brooklyn to Copenhagen to Ukraine.

orange glass seems to melt over a counter
Photography by Anne Marie Jo.

Spora mouth-blown glass sculpture in amber by Sara Rosa Oppermann and Alice Soro Cilliara of Reevein Studios. reevein.com

designer leaning on curved tabled with white tops and pastel bases

Divergent foyer table and low table in resin inlaid with bronze wire by Djivan Schapira through Todd Merrill Studio. toddmerrillstudio.com 

a designer sitting on a bulbous cream lounge
Photography by Krasivo Group.
a cream chair with textured fabric
Photography by Andrii Bezuglov.

Kateryna Sokolova’s Flock chair with upholstered injection-molded soft-foam body and stained-ash feet by Noom. Noom-home.com

a white animal shaped cushion
designer with her sculpture
Photography by Dima Kutsenko.

Sontsehryv sculpture of sustainable Ztista—a fusion of cellulose, clay, flax fiber, wood chips, and biopolymer— by Victoria Yakusha of Faina. faina.design 

arched lamp with a black and white checked pattern
a black and white checked lamp
a lamp with white bulbs around it
the designer in a vest and a cap

Archie, Ping Pong, and Drum lamps, created using various types of stoneware clays, underglazes, mid-range glazes, and at times, blown glass or 3D-printing processes in PLA or polycarbonate, by Ethan Streicher of Streicher Goods. streichergoods.com 

interlocking vases in orange and blue
the designer in a white jumpsuit

Interlocking vase of hand-blown borosilicate glass in amber/cobalt-blue by Mansi Shah of Manu Nanu. manunanu.com 

two female designers in black jackets
a glass sculpture on a light pink and orange ombre background
Photography by Anne Marie Jo.

Spora mouth-blown glass sculpture in electric blue by Sara Rosa Oppermann and Alice Soro Cilliara of Reevein Studios. reevein.com 

side table with a rope base
designer sitting in a chair near greenery

Side table in natural rope and grand antique marble by Nathan Litera. nathanlitera.com 

a vertical wavy lamp
designers under the wavy lamp

Lenox Small three-globe light, in wall sconce and chandelier formats, in powder-coated steel, brass, and glass by Chelsie and Jacob Starley of Astraeus Clarke. astraeusclarke.com 

designer standing near his sculpture
Photography courtesy of Erm Studio.
a metal sculpture
Photography courtesy of Erm Studio.

Materia Digital cast-aluminum coffee table with glass top by Eduardo Rivas of ERM Studio. @erm__studio

metal pendant lights shaped like flower petals
Photography by Chelsie Craig.
designer in a blue dress
Photography by Laerke Rose.

Belted and Buttoned Up wall lights in aluminum, polished nickel, and steel by Kiki Goti. kikigoti.com 

designer in black turtleneck
Photography by Sinem Yazici.
hanging lights in various shapes

Glowing Sentiments lighting collection of hand-blown Murrine glass, brass chain, and Meerschaum, a clay mineral excavated and handcarved by artisans in Turkey, by Feyza Kemahlioglu of Feyz Studio through Wexler Gallery. Feyzstudio.com; wexlergallery.com

a fuzzy ottoman in cream
a wood side table with a comb-like base
a fuzzy bench with four legs
designer working on a product

Creature Comforts Flokati wool pouf and Mohair bench made from vintage rugs and Ply occasional table in FSC-certified plywood by Ciara Jade Dockery. ciarajadedockery.com 

ottoman with a white removable top and orange base
Photography by Oscar Romero.
gray armchair
Photography by Oscar Romero.
wood table with curved legs
Photography by Oscar Romero.
designer in his armchair
Photography by Oscar Romero.

Jib shearling and lacquer stool, Ahoo cashmere-upholstered lounge chair, and Cap resin and lacquer coffee table by Matt McKay. mmmckay.com 

designer standing next to her floor lamp
Photography by Oscar Romero.
floor lamp next to a blue chair
Photography by Oscar Romero.

Sprig floor lamp in ceramic stoneware base with handmade glaze and linen shade by Michelle McLaughlin of Calyer Ceramics. calyerceramics.com 

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