Nanimarquina Transforms Wool Waste into Marbled Rugs

Meet Re-Rug, dhurries cleverly made of wool leftovers from Nanimarquina suppliers. The process went like this: First, waste wool was manually shredded into tiny pieces. As this sustainable design process unfolded, a tenet of color theory became apparent. “The more we shredded and mixed the colored wools, the grayer the fibers became. Conversely, the less we shredded them, the more tonal and random richness we achieved,” Nani Marquina recalls.

The scraps were mechanically opened to transform back into fiber, from which new reconstituted yarn was spun. Five yarn hues were made, ranging from the grayest to the most colorful, and put to use in two marbled colorways: desaturated black-and-white and color. The rugs were then hand-loomed from this recycled yarn, which constitutes the weft, and New Zealand virgin wool, which gives the strength necessary to the warp.

Nani Marquina.
Nani Marquina.
Re-Rug in yellow and black marble
Re-Rug in red and blue marble
Re-Rug in black and gray marble

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