Patricia Urquiola Turns Digital Art into Hand-Knotted Rugs

Watch your step! The trippy Pipeline Freeform by Interior Design Hall of Famer Patricia Urquiola for Milanese carpet-maker CC-Tapis creates uneven ground. As with Urquiola’s earlier Slinkie collection, Pipeline translates her digital artworks into hand-knotted rugs made by artisans in Nepal. Connected tubes of Himalayan wool emerge from the surface of the rugs, curving and overlapping in wild squiggles. The two wall hangings are the shaggiest and most transfixing, with bands of hand-dyed pink, purple, blue, and green yarn swirling haphazardly together. In either application, they’ll turn a room joyfully off-kilter.

Patricia Urquiola with Pipeline Freeform
Patricia Urquiola. Photography by Simon171.
  • Pipeline Freeform
    Pipeline Freeform. Photography by Mattia Greghi.
  • Pipeline Freeform. Photography by Mattia Greghi.
    Photography by Mattia Greghi.

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