June 7, 2021

Patrick Norguet and RAK Ceramic Combine Cultural Influences for Valet

“The world of the bathroom goes back to the dawn of time. The relationship to the body and hygiene—from Roman baths to Oriental hammams—takes various forms depending on the culture,” Patrick Norguet says. Today there is Valet, which combines French flair with Middle Eastern craftsmanship via the first collaboration between the Gallic veteran of Yves Saint-Laurent and Louis Vuitton and the United Arab Emirates surface masters at RAK Ceramics. Composed of functional fixtures in matte and glossy finishes, the series’s nomen­clature derives from “the veritable valets that hand us the objects of our daily well-being,” Norguet notes. “Think decorative forms with slender profiles for the basins, top-notch stylistic research for the tubs, and elongated lines for toilets.”

“Sometimes it’s not necessary to reinvent everything,” shares Norguet. 

The Valet sink.

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