August 29, 2019

PearsonLloyd Maximize Efficiency in a Chair for Allemuir

Create a robust, versatile chair that can be systematically packed, stored, and shipped globally. That was the ultimatum from Allermuir to PearsonLloyd partners Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd. They responded with Folk, a family of seating that pays tribute to the archetypical café chair but has been reengineered for modern-day convenience. The chair and stool are constructed entirely without glue, which can disintegrate during transport through hot climates. Both are flat-packed, so they can be shipped and stored in volume and assembled anywhere in minutes, the beech or oak legs screwing into the aluminum frame and the low-profile plywood back trapped into place. Six nature-inspired powder-coats are available to match the plywood or plastic seat, along with optional upholstery.

Folk by PearsonLloyd for Allermuir.
Folk by PearsonLloyd for Allermuir.

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