November 24, 2020

Sculptural Bench and Stool Designs from Martin Zelonky and Studio Biskt

Meet a sculptural bench from Martin Zelonky and a clay stool from Studio Biskt.

1. CNC-cut solid beech and acrylic epoxy by Zelonky Studios

Blue Bench. Photography by Theo Coulombe.

Martin Zelonky cites Wendell Castle and Isamu Noguchi as inspirations for his sculptural indoor/outdoor perch.

Yellow Bench. Photography by Theo Coulombe.
Red Bench. Photography by Theo Coulombe.

2. Balik stool in glazed and unglazed clay brick and powder-coated steel by Studio Biskt

Balik stool in White & Blue. Photography by Gwenaëlle de Spa.

Martin Duchêne and Charlotte Gigan transform extruded clay from primitive building material to thoroughly modern seating.

Balik stool in Brick & Black. Photography by Gwenaëlle de Spa.

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