June 4, 2019

Sir Paul Smith Debuts Angles in Ongoing Partnership With Maharam

Alert the media: Sir Paul Smith has changed his stripes. The fashion designer deviates from his pet pattern in favor of jagged geometry with Angles, the 18th fabric to emerge from his ongoing Maharam partnership. A modern, enigmatic take on traditional jacquard weaves, the polyester-cotton borrows the triangular motif of a printed silk scarf from Smith’s 2015 Autumn/Winter menswear collection. The dense and highly picked construction, distinguished by complex combinations of five weft colors, results in tonal variation, the prismatic repetition simulating a kaleidoscopic effect. A blend of twill, flat, and satin weaves amplifies the dimensionality of the 56-inch-wide upholstery pattern, available in five colorways, from Agate to Aquamarine (see them below).

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