June 4, 2019

Skyline Design Adds Vibrancy to Tempered Safety and Laminated Glass

Chevron Fill by Skyline Design. 

As with many innovations, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec’s new collection for Skyline Design began with wandering. The French brothers went on a photo spree to document and distill the essence of chroma and light, capturing foamy seas, verdant forests, and players scrimmaging in vibrant jerseys. The designers then developed a software program to dissect the photos and manipulate the images, generating thousands of color iterations. Eight photos were filtered through the algorithm, ultimately generating two angular patterns for the Chicago-based architectural glass expert: Oblique, a crisscrossed sequence of vertical and diagonal lines, and Chevron, a faceted grid. Contrasting tones outline the colors, creating an effect that simulates stained glass. Available in mono- and polychromatic palettes, the designs are digitally printed on either low-iron tempered safety glass or laminated glass, in custom dimensions up to 72 by 144 inches.

Chevron Stroke by Skyline Design. 
Oblique Regular by Skyline Design. 
Chevron Fill by Skyline Design. 

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