March 31, 2021

Spanish Architect Pablo Carballal Updates the Classic Rocking Chair

“The structure of the rocking chair makes several capricious turns,” Carballal shares.

Meet Pablo Carballal, an architect from Madrid. His upcoming furniture line, Candi—a side project of his firm, CAN Arquitectos—debuts with an update to the classic rocking chair. You know the ones, in steam-bent wood and woven rattan. This outdoor iteration, however, takes that wavy language and distills it into swooping 1-inch-diameter steel tubes, curved using numeric control technology and lacquered cherry red, thus its name, Granadina, Spanish for grenadine. A cushion covered in same-color Trevira CS, namely Kvadrat’s Patio, Velcro-
fasten to the frame. Its curves and colors nabbed an Honorable Mention at the European Product Design Awards.

The Granadina chair. 

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