a person holding a beam of wood with an LED strip

Salvaged Wood Adds Character to This Sleek Lighting

In the process of creating Treeline, studio cofounders Russell Greenberg and Christopher Beardsley discovered a whole new supply chain: salvaged pin oak from New York City’s urban forest, i.e. trees felled during a storm or that needed to be taken down for construction or safety concerns, thereby diverting it from the waste stream. Working with Brooklyn wood supplier Tri-Lox, Stickbulb designed a timber enclosure (available in black, natural, and white) that surrounds an LED beam of impressive intensity, up to 1,800 lumens per foot. The center- or end-mount fixture can be specified 4, 5, 6, or 8 feet long, with direct and/or indirect lighting. There’s even a clever patent-pending panel that opens without tools to reveal electrical components and wiring connections, fa- cilitating easy maintenance, repair, and end-of-life processing. stickbulb.com

a person holding a beam of wood with an LED strip
handing beams with light strips
the designers with their lighting
Photography by Will Ellis.
logs with a city scape in the background

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