blue room with a grid-like rug
Photography by Mark Weinberg.

4 Flooring Products That Add Visual Intrigue Underfoot

From a high-contrast wool rug to a collection of wall-to-wall carpets inspired by 1930’s functionalism, these flooring products by renowned designers add bursts of color and flair to any room.

Drape Any Room With These Standout Flooring Options

Rowena by Emily Henderson for Rugs USA

blue room with a grid-like rug
Photography by Mark Weinberg.

The first-ever product collection by the interior designer, stylist, and influencer is intended to be “simple but special,” as evinced by her high-contrast wool rug, grooved with grid lines, that is as versatile as a pair of blue jeans. 

She LB1 by Laura Bilde and Linnea Ek Blaehr for Ege Carpets

black chair on top of a dotted carpet
Photography courtesy of Laura Bilde and Linnea Ek Blaehr.

Part of a collection of wall-to-wall carpets of new wool spun in the manufacturer’s own mill, this dotty delight inspired by the palettes of 1930’s functionalism includes a colorway of irregular burgundy blobs stepped and repeated on a pale-blue ground.

Roam | Painted Desert by Ashley Olson of Shaw Contract

patterned rug with hints of blue and orange
Photography courtesy of Shaw Contract.

The carpet company’s design director for the workplace and hospitality studio joined forces with the in-house StudioOne team, who typically do custom pieces, on a Southwest-tinged range of 15 patterns in myriad constructions. 

Cassata by Deirdre Dyson of Deirdre Dyson

gossamer like rug on top of steps on a wooden floor
Photography by Michael Sinclair; styled By Louisa Grey.

Soft graduating washes akin to a watercolor painting flow across the GoodWeave-certified floor covering rendered by the artist and trained soprano of Tibetan wool and silk in hues native to its namesake, a sweet Sicilian sponge cake. 

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