March 31, 2021

Stylist Maria Gabriella Zecca Designs Loom-Woven Rugs for Roda

Stylist Maria Gabriella Zecca has been tapped by Roda, the maker of outdoor furnishings nestled in the Italian province of Varese, for a series of sophisticated rugs in desaturated hues. Loom-woven by hand and dubbed Tint, Zecca’s eye for hues yields two subtle colorways unencumbered by trend-chasing: Blueen, a mix of aqua, sky blue, and green, and Griege, a mélange of grays and browns. Rendered in polypropylene, each rug measures 78 by 118 inches and has fringe unusually placed along its two longer sides. It lends a softness to the sturdy outdoor ground coverings, which could easily migrate indoors. 

“Nature inspired the refined colors,” Zecca shares. 

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