September 19, 2020

Supertoys Supertoys Creates a Bubblicious Table for Virtual Exhibition

What if a table wants to be a flower? This is the provocative question that led Dutch designers Merle Flügge and Job Mouwen of Rotterdam’s Supertoys Supertoys to create Cosmic Flower, a bubblicious delight hand-cast 
of translucent, cantaloupe-color epoxy resin. The piece was part of “Imagined, 
for uncertain times,” a virtual exhibition organized by Bay Area maker Soft-Geometry that featured 11 independent design studios from nine countries. The grouping celebrated how design can liberate us to envision far-off locales and innovative furnishings during a time when physical travel is curtailed. “Fantasy helped us gather from across continents, converse, and create collaboratively in lockdown,” curators Utharaa Zacharias and Palaash Chaudhary explain. Nicolás Cañellas of Spot Studio in Barcelona cleverly placed the objects within 3-D visualizations of dreamed lands, allowing the personified 24-legged table to perch by the sea.

Cosmic Flower by Supertoys Supertoys. Art Direction and 3-D Visualizations by Spot Studio for “Imagined, For Uncertain Times.”

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