Flooring Meets Sculptural Art in This Surreal Rug

Bina Baitel’s curious Tremblay rug was originally commissioned for Parisian gallery owner Christophe Gaillard’s Tremblay castle in Normandy, France, alongside dozens of other quirky Baitel pieces (think a fur-trimmed mirror). Now, it’s part of her Unusual Objects collection. The rug’s twist is that its wool carpet, depicting a surreal dreamscape inspired by earthly topographies, spills like paint from an open-sided brass receptacle perched on four legs. The resulting “puddle” is enormous, stretching over 200 square feet. (It was at one point the centerpiece of the castle’s main salon.) Designed by Baitel and crafted by the Manufacture de Tapis de Bourgogne workshop, it’s both flooring and sculpture, art and design. binabaitel.com

artist Bina Baitel sitting on top of a green hand which spills out into the surrounding scenery
rug with image of water pouring out of an open chair

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