July 15, 2021

Tom Faulkner Celebrates 25 Years

“One of my favorite parts of the last 25 years has been the people I have met and worked with,” says British designer Tom Faulkner, who is currently celebrating his studio’s silver anniversary. “That starts with Nigel Ballamy, now our chief engineer, who made my first piece of metal furniture all that time ago—and whose 60th birthday we just celebrated in the workshop!” Faulkner and his close-knit crew make intriguing furniture, much of it in cleverly worked metal, including Papillon, a glass-top table or console with a powder-coated steel base that comes in four Butterfly colorways, each an ombré of two hues. The same finish can be specified for his irregular Cloud mirror. Another highlight is Atlantic, a steel-leg table with walnut lipping and top of matte-finish veneer over birch ply. Retailers in the U.S. include Angela Brown (New York), David Sutherland (Dallas, Los Angeles), R Hughes (Atlanta), and MOD Design (Denver).

A detailed look at the Papillon table.
Cloud mirror and Papillon table.
Atlantic table.

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