July 14, 2021

Vantot Creates Rotating, Solar-Powered Outdoor Lantern

Photography courtesy of Roel Deden & Vantot Studio.

Aptly named Sunseeker, the solar-powered outdoor lantern by Esther Jongsma and Sam van Gurp of Vantot glides along cables and rotates like a sunflower to find and soak up maximum rays during the day. At night, that stored energy powers integral LEDs. Each 39-inch-diameter fixture—in anodized aluminum and acrylic—is also interactive: It changes color and brightness as people walk by. Part of a collaboration with the Dutch municipality of Eindhoven that’s been four years in the making, the first installation is in the city’s Victoriapark, proving public-space lighting doesn’t need to connect to the grid.

Photography courtesy of Max Kneefel.
“The fixture harvests daylight to provide energy-neutral illumination at night,” a member of the design team shares. Photography courtesy of Vantot Studio.
Image courtesy of Max Kneefel.

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