October 1, 2018

12 Bathroom Fixtures in Bold Neutrals

These low-key tones are in high demand.

[Editor’s note: This article was updated in September, 2022 to include even more bold bathroom fixtures.]

The primary bathroom is adorned with Calacatta Bettogli marble floor tiles and a Jonathan Adler pendant light.

1. A ceramic washbasin with gold fixtures in a Greenwich Village apartment.

Modernist III Collection Salzburg Wallcovering, Jupiter 10.

2. Rounded sink with chrome fixtures in a Vancouver industrial loft.

Its bathroom niche and sink are custom made of copper.

3. Custom sink made of copper in a sustainably designed home.

New Playone 90 in pink

4. Bathroom fittings in metallic hues by Francesco Lucchese for Fir Italia.

Z316_SH by Roberto Innocenti for Zazzeri.

5. Z316_SH by Roberto Innocenti for Zazzeri.

6. Metallic Dark Iron sink in glazed steel by Alape.

7. Circle washbasins in textured glazed ceramic by Azzurra Sanitari in Ceramica.

8. Pop sink fittings in brass by Zazzeri.

9. Soho radiators in anodized aluminum by Tubes Radiatori.

10. SaphirKeramik sink in ceramic, fittings in chrome-finished brass, vanity in lacquered wood, and shelf in polycarbonate by Kartell by Laufen.

11. Vaia sink fittings in matte platinum by Dornbracht.

12. Fiora Linea shower bases in solid-surfacing by Fiora.

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