June 10, 2019

Gastón and María José Péndola Create an Inviting Home for an Argentine Pizza Restaurant

Discs of eucalyptus wood line the wall in front of the kitchen. Photography by Arq Gonzalo Viramonte.

A house may not always be a home, but in the case of the La Bona Nit pizza restaurant, sometimes there can be “a house within the home.” Or at least that was idea behind the plan devised by architects Gastón and María José Péndola for 1,330 square feet of space within a food court in Córdoba, Argentina that itself is located within a former residence.

More than 70 bulbs hang in harmonious rows throughout the restaurant. Photography by Arq Gonzalo Viramonte.

A clay oven, made in situ and located in a kitchen up front, is the heart of the project, with a cocktail bar in back. Graphic checkerboard flooring expands the space, illuminated by rows of softly-swinging pendants.

A gabled roof of Zotia wood forms an entrance to the patio. Photography by Arq Gonzalo Viramonte.

But the real star is the semi-enclosed patio, lined with discs of eucalyptus that resemble stacks of firewood and seating with inset logos that cast shadows in the sun. It’s all set beneath a structure, Péndola says, “that mimics a gabled roof, generating a memorable sensation upon entering” the room-within-a-room. Or house-within-a-home, as it may be. 

Seat backs include a relief of the restaurant’s initials. Photography by Arq Gonzalo Viramonte.

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