office space with high ceilings and green couches

Gensler Designs Boston Consulting Group’s Latest Office

2023 Best of Year Winner for Medium Corporate Office

Steps away from the White House, Boston Consulting Group’s new 90,000-square-foot campus in Washington, designed by Gensler, promotes a humanistic approach via a clever breakdown of inviting focus rooms, semiprivate hubs, and collaboration zones, all equipped with hybrid work–friendly cameras and monitors. The organic, curvilinear layout spans two floors, with glossy ceilings to reflect light and maximize the sense of space. Other features, such as dimensional panels and millwork fins inspired by fluted columns, nod to the city’s Greek Revival vernacular. Freshening the palette are living and preserved plants (encountered at least every 20 feet) that foster connectivity to nature, as do the touches of green throughout.

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office space with high ceilings and green couches
office reception with bright white lights and green dividers
office lobby with stairs and starburst symbol on ceiling
hallway with green divider and lime green couches

francisco gonzales; john mckinney; stephanie clements; christian amolsch; osamu osawa; foster kutner; aimee messina; yukiko takahashi; steven joswick; samantha pontius; franny gottsch; david bernhardt; abby young; andrew koenings.

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