a white winding staircase

Go into the Void in this Tech Office by BA Collective

2023 Best of Year Winner for Large Tech Office

Fresh air, sunshine, and an exterior program were among directives for the 37,000-square-foot development in Los Angeles by Hall of Famer Hagy Belzberg’s studio that caters to tech and creative industries. The challenge was its massive, cubelike proportions. The solution was off-centered voids and a shared central courtyard dividing two double-height blocks of office space, all of which has access to outdoors through terraces and a side yard. Stylistically, curves abound, as seen in the fluidity of the spiraling central staircase. In the lobby, there’s room to hang 21 bicycles on wall racks hidden between fins of white oak, each mechanism mounted at a slightly different height from its neighbor to create a subtle wave effect.

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the exterior of an office surrounded by palm trees
inside the white winding staircase
a white winding staircase

hagy belzberg; barry gartin; kristofer leese; chris arntzen; elizabeth pyatt; glen ginter; andrea cadioli; shen li; minah kim.

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