January 23, 2020

Hadohilljo Townhouses by UnitedLab Associates: 2019 Best of Year Winner for Multi-Unit Housing

They say it takes a village. Or in this case, a housing development. Retained to design the latter in Hado-Ri, South Korea, UnitedLab Associates eschewed the predictable block-of-flats approach, and instead proposed a cluster of 48 freestanding houses, which effectively establishes an instant community. Sited on a gently sloping seaside tract on Jeju Island, the Hadohilljo Townhouses are informed by the principles of Korean minimalism, devoid of any
exterior protrusions. Rather, the facades are fitted solely with oversize windows that erase boundaries between indoors and out, their
asymmetric geometry recalling graphic Piet Mondrian-esque patterns.

Constructed in four varieties, ranging from 840 to 1,060 square feet, the units farthest from the sea are positioned to peer over ones that boast closer views, giving all a similar sense of place. The concise partitioning of space and close proximity of the homes made land­scaping critical. Pocket parks between units become soft counter­points against the austere architecture, enhance visual and acoustical privacy, but also help encourage interaction between villagers—er, homeowners.

Photography by Euihyun Lim.

Project Team: Sang Dae Lee; Euihyun Lim; Seungmin Lee; Michael Chaveriat.

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