October 2, 2017

Leilani and Karl Zahn Present Custom Sculptural Pieces

Dichromate Grid by Leilani and Karl Zahn.

During NYCxDesign,
the Future Perfect hosted “Outlines” curated by For Reference, an interiors studio headed by Leilani Zahn. For the exhibition’s artistic component, Zahn didn’t look far. She enlisted her husband, furniture designer Karl Zahn, who custom-designed sculptural pieces.

Inspired by such organic elements as plants, the works added movement and dimension to the setting, particularly in mobiles such as Vines, where blackened aluminum conjures swaying fronds. Earthbound entries include Trophy, a bouquet of white-painted steel rods; Vader, intersecting planes of blackened steel worthy of Darth; and Dichromate Grid, a dash of color supplied by zinc-plated steel. Function takes a bow in Bounce, a table lamp with a folded aluminum shade.

Leilani and Karl Zahn.





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