July 13, 2018

Martha Sturdy Infuses a Resin Furniture Collection With Nature’s Vibrant Hues

Geometric, Floating Cube Chair, and Resin Art Screen by Martha Sturdy. Photography by Raeff Miles. 

Canadian artist Martha Sturdy is known for her elemental metal and wood sculptures inspired by the landscape around the Vancouver workshop she founded in 1978. But for Prime, a resin furniture collection, she looked to nature’s brighter hues, like the petunias and daffodils scattering her garden. Simple cubes, cylinders, and rectangles in primary colors—rendered slightly translucent—form the building blocks of the collection. “I wanted to show that color doesn’t have to be complicated,” she explains. For each made-to-order piece, Sturdy adds pigment to liquid resin and pours the mixture into a mold.

About four hours later, the piece is set and ready to undergo three types of hand sanding. Among the offerings are Geometric, a white coffee table inlaid with black circles and squares; the circular Madison table and corresponding Chief stools (some square and striped, others circular and solid-hued); the self-explanatory Wall Dots; and the Cube shelving unit of stacked marbled crates. For those wanting something smaller, coordinating platters, vases, bowls, and accessories round out the mix.

Madison, Wall Dots, and X Sculpture by Martha Sturdy. Photography by Raeff Miles.
Cube by Martha Sturdy. Photography by Raeff Miles.
Striped Chief by Martha Sturdy. Photography by Raeff Miles.

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