dark red walls behind a counter in Aesop

Hot Shots: Odami Crafts a Victorian-Inspired Store for Skincare Brand Aesop

Spanish architect Aránzazu González Bernardo and Canadian designer Michael Fohring founded their Toronto-based studio, Odami, in 2017 with the belief that the best design responds to the physical and historical aspects of its surroundings.

Thus, their new 960-square-foot store for skincare brand Aesop takes inspiration from the Victorian houses, lanes, and squares that populate its Yorkville environs.

Wainscotting of tightly packed maple balusters evokes neighboring porches; ruby painted walls and ceiling suggest a deep heritage; and a large open floor space surrounded by smaller enclaves functions like a miniature public plaza.

Aránzazu González Bernardo and Michael Fohring of Odami
Image courtesy of Odami.

Inside Aesop Yorkville in Toronto

a red counter matches the color of the walls in Aesop
dark red walls behind a counter in Aesop
skincare sits on the built in shelves of Aesop
a red bench in front a white sink in Aesop

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