the interior of Serdar Kambarov Salon in Moscow

Inside a Make-Up Artist’s Monochromatic Studio in Moscow

When make-up artist Serdar Kambarov tasked DA Bureau with designing a new studio in Moscow, the team knew they had to capture the essence of his personal aesthetic. A self-described “beauty addict,” Kambarov, who has garnered international recognition with his vast clientele and beauty school, views every detail as a reflection of his brand, including the water served in his salons. “We managed to find a balance between sophistication and masculinity, which we think reflects Kambarov’s experimental spirit very accurately,” the designers share. “The laconic space of the salon is complemented by bright and recognizable accents that symbolize the stylist’s bold image—the rail, reception desk, shelves, and tables.”

The cream-toned interior features layers of texture, from metal accents to warm woods and curved forms in epoxy resin, creating a space that feels like stepping inside a cloud. Referencing Kambarov’s masterful brush stroke, a black rail connected to translucent curtains snakes along the ceiling, allowing the space to easily transition into zones, while the perimeter of the room is washed in a single hue—the foundation of the building’s skin, so to speak—enabling accents to pop from the powdery surroundings.

The salon mirrors the artist’s approach to his work—it’s tech-forward, modern, and sophisticated. “Kambarov was directly involved in the project, especially in the coordination of materials, colors, and equipment, as well as during the construction process,” the designers note. A focal point is the color laboratory near the hair washing and styling stations. A cheeky nod to sterile science labs, the minimalist color bar integrates the latest technology while commanding attention. Steel tables throughout build on this narrative, while soft lighting and wood shelves offer balance. “We put together the entire interior like make-up—a calibrated and calm base complemented by bright accents,” the designers add. A makeover by design.

a makeup counter in the serdar kambarov salon in moscow
A make-up counter offers visual interest and subtle pops of color.
detail of the materials used throughout
A make-up counter showcases the materials used in the space from warm woods to epoxy resin.
a hair washing station near metal washed walls
The hair washing station inside the color bar in the salon.
Shelves of various materials pop against the translucent curtains.
The black track railing on the ceilings nods to the artist’s famed brush stroke.
a plush white armchair and an ottoman
A plush armchair invites guests to unwind.
the interior of Serdar Kambarov Salon in Moscow
The perimeter of the salon is washed in a singular hue, much like the foundation of skin, allowing accents to command attention.

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