April 10, 2017

Yves Béhar Masterminds Coworking With San Francisco’s Canopy

A private office’s workstations and chairs are by Yves Béhar, who also designed the San Francisco space. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

Coworking has seen the light. Sunlight, in fact. “The biggest challenge was to keep light flowing through without compromising focused work and privacy,” Fuseproject CEO and founder Yves Béhar says. He’s talking about San Francisco’s Canopy, which he co-founded with a real-estate developer and an entrepreneur. His solution? Glass-box private offices, peppered throughout the 2,800 square feet, plus skylights. For open workstations, he chose Fuseproject’s own Public Office Landscape for Herman Miller, also the manufacturer of nearby seating by Don Chadwick. Local hero Heath Ceramics made the tile installed in an op-art geometric pattern on kitchen walls. Béhar calls the overall effect “work Nirvana.” Just say om.

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A lounge’s Joe Colombo chairs and Don Chadwick sectional. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

Glazed ceramic tile in the kitchen. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

White-oak flooring. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

Co-founders Amir Mortazavi of M-Projects, Yves Béhar of Fuseproject, and entrepreneur Steve Mohebi. Photography by Joe Fletcher.

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