April 19, 2012

Restaurant Design Video Series: Thomas Schlesser and Daniel Boulud

It was only natural that spectacular sausage would be devoured at the New York Design Center’s Bright showroom where renowned chef Daniel Boulud discussed his projects with Design Bureaux’s Thomas Schlesser. Schlesser masterminded the interior of DBGB, Boulud’s first foray below 14th Street where an upscale brand of burgers and encased meats are the order of the day. “He understood me better than I understood myself,” said Boulud about Schlesser’s ability to translate his uptown brand to a downtown crowd. On Schlesser’s search for the perfect yellow to adorn the walls of their uptown collaboration, the Mediterranean-themed Boulud Sud, the chef admiringly said, “I love the obsession of the designer.”

Video by Emilie Jackson.

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