April 30, 2012

Restaurant Design Video Series: Gray Davis, Will Meyer, and Andrew Carmellini

The sleek confines of NYDC’s Keilhauer showroom offered a great stage for Gray Davis and Will Meyer of Meyer Davis Studio to begin their discussion with Chef Andrew Carmellini about their first collaboration, Locanda Verde in New York’s Greenwich Hotel. Not only did the designers work with dining star Carmellini, but they also kept property owner Robert DiNiro in the loop. The design pleased the client—and his Oscar-winning landlord—so much that the trio embarked on a Miami outlet of Carmellini’s haute-comfort SoHo haunt, the Dutch. Ensconced in the luxe interior of the W South Beach, Dutch is what Davis and Meyer called, “the hotel hangout.” The site also epitomizes their “magic matrix” of destination design: the axis between savvy travelers and hip locals.

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