September 12, 2020

7 Neat Kitchen & Bath Finds

Contemporary-cool kitchen and bath finds promote order and delight.

1. Object & Totem’s Op-Eye Grid encaustic concrete tiles through Cooler Gallery and Concrete Collaborative.

2. Quick-dry towel with color-coded D-loop in Aegean cotton by Havly.

3. Martin Cuel’s Bak vessel/drop-in sink in 
concrete by Lyon Beton.

4. Outdoor shower in marine-grade stainless 
steel by QTOO.

5. Monica Graffeo’s Tape Storage accessory-organizer belt in technical fabric and PVC by Ever Life Design.

6. Fabrizio Batoni’s Trend X sink fittings in 
brass in Opaque Black by Zazzeri.

7. Le Berre Vevaud’s Stool Barth New in linden wood lacquered Glossy Pink by The Invisible Collection.

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