June 19, 2017

Accessories Roundup: Off the Wall

Getting hung up on high style.

1. Sewn Surfaces mirrors with brushed-brass “stitching” by Debra Folz Design

2. Baptiste Ducommun’s Ivy coat hooks in oiled oak by Klybeck

3. Hang 360 coat rack in lacquered steel by Studio Toimii.


4. João Azinheiro and Silvia Krivosikova’s Pendureiro clothes hanger/cabinet in Valchromat by Projecto Martins.


5. David Stanavich’s LP-C album pedestal in blackened steel, brass, and stainless steel by Wax Rax.


6. Wall*nut Hexagons modules in walnut, Afrormosia, and mirror by Think Fabricate.


7. Print magazine rack in powder-coated steel with walnut handle by Fruitsuper Design.


8. Hsin-Chun Wang and Ye Liu’s Y-Rack coatrack in stainless steel by HCWD Studio

9. Ron Gilad’s Blue Deadline mirrors with ash frames by Cassina

10. Round Waterline mirror in walnut and hand-blackened steel by Uhuru.


11. Electrum mirror with polished brass-and-nickel frame by Jonathan Adler

12. Gemstone mirror in straw marquetry and patinated brass by Alexander Lamont

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